Traditionally, Internet Explorer remembers the browsing history, cookies, and saved passwords during the time that the individual provisions this utility on their Windows Phone 8 handset. However over a period of time, a lot of entries will get accumulated and this will result in creating difficulty with respect to managing history and saved passwords on the device. The beneficial aspect in this regard is that the user has the facility to delete the browsing history if there is no important data constituting the accumulated content. But the individual should note that there is no way back to recover the specific deleted part from IE. Hence, the user should only erase the history if he/she is sure about the same.wp8


  1. At the beginning, you will need to launch Internet Explorer from the live tile or from the app list. This can be easily found from the IE icon.
  2. After the browser gets launched, you will have to tap the three dots icon which is displayable and choose to open the browser menu. Hereafter select Settings from the respective listed options.
  3. During the time that you are on the Settings menu, find the delete history option. Thereafter, simply tap on the same. This can be easily accessible at the bottom of the page.Delete History
  4. Before the complete process begins & the browser finishes erasing off the history, you will be warned and asked whether you want to perform this action or not. If you choose yes, then you can tap on the delete button. The content which is to be erased includes the entire browsing history, cookies, saved passwords that are stored on the device. Also, it contains temporary files from IE.
  5. Please note that the erasing process will take a few minutes to get completed. After it is done, you can use IE again.Deleting Browsing History

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