The characteristic perspective from an individual’s side is to view the signal strength on the specific handset. This is a generally performed activity during various circumstances, be it either good or bad when the network is unavailable. A curious approach would be to testify the accuracy related with respect to the represented signal strength on the particular device.

During the time that the representation is displayed as the normal way, the ability to determine the signal strength is a questionable remark. Surely it is a well-known fact that the bars that make their appearance stand as an inaccurate measure for knowing the signal strength. It a thought-provoking approach if a hidden procedure can accurately display the perfect signal strength at the specific instance of time.signal strength

Thus a manifestation of this signal strength into indicative numbers can provide as a source of perfect accurate measurement of signal strength. The exhibition of this signal strength with the measurement referenced out in Decibels can stand as an exact source of the aforementioned method. Hence, represented below is a procedure that can help the individual in availing this facility. Having the numbers closer to zero will be a exhibited quality of a strong signal.

The additional beneficial aspect that serves in user’s favor includes that a better location is provided if the user is stuck up in a situational position or area which is devoid of significantly stronger signal strength. It is obviously based on the fluctuation of the values that occur during certain displacement of the positions of the user as well as operating based on the translation of the individual’s movement.signal strength pointed out

This process can be exercised even on a normal phone (not Jailbroken device). Hence, there are no pre-requisites for utilizing the procedure. It is understood that the service is operationally functional on  almost all iPhone models. The individual doesn’t need to worry about reversing back to the signal strength in bars from the numerical value as the process is completely reversible.

Steps to illustrate iPhone Signal Strength in number instead of Bars

  1. At the beginning the user needs to perform a dialling operation. The number to be dialled is *3001#12345#*. Hereafter, one needs to press call for carrying out the process ahead.Dial-To-Enter-Field-Test-Mode
  2. Thereupon, the iPhone enters the Field Test mode. At this point of time the user can view the signal strength in numerical value on the upper left hand corner. Eventually, if the user wants to revert back, he/she can simply press the home button to cancel this specific aspect. If the user wants to avail this facility, he/she should proceed to step 3.Entered-Field-Test-Mode-iPhone
  3. Thereafter succeeding these steps, the individual should hold on to the power button. At this instant the user will see a bar mentioning “Slide to power off”. At this juncture, the user should not power off the phone.
  4. Subsequently, one must press the home button to exit the app& the individual can view the home screen.Signal-Strength-in-Number
  5. Thus the process is completed in an easy fashion.

Denotation of the Signal Strength numerical values

The specified numerical range is categorized from -50 to -120. As closer the number is to zero, the better is the signal strength as understood. The following is a disclosure on the particular interpretation of the categorical range.

  • Range1: Excellent Signal Strength if the signal lies in -50 to -75
  • Range2: Good Signal Strength if the signal lies in -75 to -90
  • Range3: Relatively Fair Signal Strength if the signal lies in -90 to -110
  • Range4: Very poor Signal Strength or as good as devoid of any signal if the signal lies below -110

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