If you are an aspiring developer and want to develop some games as well as apps, then as a developer you are helpless when it comes to facilitating this aspect on your Windows Phone device. This is because most of the Nokia phones are locked & you will have to unlock the particular device till you provision out the necessitated operations for game and app development. The process below will aid your position and guide to unlock your device so that you can test your developed application on a real device. Initially the user cannot deploy the games or apps on the device; hence unlocking that particular device will assist in the progress of solving that problem.wp8


  1. Initially you will have to install the Windows Phone 8 SDK( You can download it from here). Its presence is a pre requisite for performing the resultant operation. Hence you should install it if it is not present on the system.
  2. Hereafter, register for a Windows Phone developer account. Incase you are a DreamSpark member; you can register for free in reference to this particular operation.
  3. After the SDK is installed, you will have to search for the Windows Phone Developer Registration program. This can be found easily by looking at the start screen.
  4. Later, you will have to connect the phone to the computer. Thereafter, this particular program should detect the particular device immediately. The individual should click on register button once it is viewable as an option to click on it.
  5. Next, a log-in window gets displayed on screen. At this juncture, the user will have to fill the particular developer account information. This can be to be entered in the appropriate field and eventually the individual should Sign in. Next, the device registration process starts only after you get signed in the account.
  6. Whenever you finish the dedicated task, you receive the following message described below: “Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Windows Phone”.Unlocked your phone
  7. It is to be noted that each developer account can assist the progress to unlock up to three devices. In cases where you want to delete a device from the account, you should log in to the developer Dashboard. Subsequential to this step, you should select on Account and go to Phones. Later, simply delete the device from this particular option.

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