Apple’s App store features almost a Million apps. With such a wide variety you tend to just randomly download some apps that you rarely use. The problem with having many apps is that they keep flooding you with notifications. You’re notification area is often filled with useless notifications from apps that you rarely use. That can get annoying to continuously see these notifications. However, there is a method by which you can avoid the fuss created by these pesky notifications. This method is extremely easy and is described as below.

It is often irritating when your Notification center in your iPhone/iPad/iTouch is filled with notifications like this.


This procedure is applicable to all devices running iOS 5 and above. All inclusive of iPhone, iPad and iTouch.


  1. On the Home screen Select “Settings”.home screen
  2. Now navigate to the “Notifications” option.
  3. Now a list of apps will be listed that are currently allowed to show notifications.Notifications
  4. Select the app that you wish to disable notifications for.
  5. Now another window will be displayed to choose what kind of notification do you wish to receive from the app.Select App
  6. In this tutorial we wish to completely disable notifications from that particular app.
  7. So press the “Notification Center” toggle switch to disable all notification from that app.Notifications Disabled
  8. Now press back and continue the steps from 3 to 6 till you have disabled notifications for all the apps that you do not wish to see in your notification center.

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