Google Play Store is a commonplace for the Android users. Every Android user, some or the other point of time would have used it to download certain apps. As the developments increase on the continual improvements in an app’s functionalities, there are newly added changes or additional new features for the constructive usage of the particular application. These several aspects end up bettering the app as a whole.

Google Play Store

However, the recent update that marked its arrival there is situation where the system automatically creates a shortcut for an each installed application. So every time a specific app is installed on handset, after the successful installation of the app; a shortcut is displayed on the home screen which makes the home screen look ugly or messy.

Ever and again at intervals, the shortcut needs to be deleted. This process needs to be done manually which may cause troublesomeness. It also demonstrates the unmanageability on the heavy filled home screen. This results in inconvenience.  One can ponder whether this automatic creation could be pre decidedly kept off from re-occurring after the application is installed. Browsing through the market settings, a very easy solution to the underlying problem is available. The method helps in disabling the auto-shortcut creation of newly installed Android apps.

Take down the Auto Shortcut Creation

  • The execution of the following steps that aid the course of action in correspondence to the question currently:
  • Firstly, open the Google Play Store. Select Settings by pressing the menu button.

Screenshot displaying Google Play Store

Once an individual goes to the specific Settings, search down for option Auto-add widgets. It is done by scrolling through the list.

  • After one views the particular thing, an individual has to ensure whether the checkbox is checked or unchecked.
  • If that specific option is checked & enabled on the respective box, this is the reason that the shortcut is being created.
  • Hence, every application after being installed adds a shortcut on the home screen (till there is space on home screen).
  • This particular feature can be discarded by simply unchecking the particular option as presented out. Press the back key after the process is done.Screenshot displaying the options-Auto add widgets

By following the dispatched process, the shortcuts for the same are never created once an application is installed.

But, this option is serviceable for adding the shortcuts for specific apps. Hence, an individual can disable the particular option when needed and when not needed.



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