The exhibition of geographic identification on various media is Geotagging. This on the handheld device is made possible due to the availability of Internet connectivity that is resident on the Smartphones. It is instrumental to mark a location with respect to a photo, video or other media. Thus, with the advent of the Smartphones, this has become an easy task which can also prove as hindrance if the privacy factor is taken into account. This aspect results in killing the privacy if the geotagging is functional on the respective device.

The concerning aspect is not about the resultant location being tagged; however it serves as a cruel get away for others to access this information by viewing the particular image. From time to time this can be an annoying factor and as well as prove dangerous considering the privacy issues. This can act terribly in some cases as it ends up providing information to the other people by just accessing such posts. If posted online, even the other people can access the same or email them to other people without considering the potential harrowing scenarios that may result out of them.Geotagging

Procedure to disable the Geotagging only on the camera:

The steps are presented below:

Android (2.2; 2.3):

  1. At the beginning the camera app should be opened.
  2. Hereupon, the location icon must be selected.
  3. Eventually this must be chosen to “OFF”.

In some circumstances, the user will need to open the Camera app, choose Settings from the selection of Menu option. Henceforward, the user must disable Geo-tag photos.


  1. Initially, the user must go to Settings
  2. Here, the individual must select “General”.
  3. Upon its general, consequently the individual must select “Location Services”.
  4. After the indicated chosen is chosen, the user must locate the camera from the list of apps. When the aforementioned task has been performed, the individual must change the setting to “OFF”.

For the Blackberry devices (6.0)

  1. At the beginning, open Camera.
  2. The user must select the Location icon and disable it.
  3. The older versions will need to go to the Options function by going through the Menu button after opening the Camera. After this, Geotagging gets disabled.

Steps on disabling the location services on the phone involving all apps:

The steps are presented below:

Android (2.2; 2.3):

  1. First and foremost the user must open Settings.
  2. Hereafter there should be a selection of the Location & security option.
  3. At this instance of time, the user must uncheck on the “Use GPS satellites” and “Use wireless networks”.


  1. At the start, the user must go to Settings.
  2. Subsequently, one must choose General.
  3. Afterwards, the individual must select location services.
  4. Later, eventually the setting must be changed and location ervices should be turned “OFF”.

BlackBerry (6.0):

  1. From the start the user needs to open Options.
  2. Next the particular device must be selected.
  3. Succeeding this, there should be a selection on the Location Settings.
  4. Thereafter, the user must go to Location Services.
  5. Here, the setting to location should be changed to “OFF”
  6. Sub sequential to the previous step, on must press on the Menu key and Select Save.

In the particular previous versions, the process needs to be accomplished in the following way:
Select Options>> Security>> Select Applications Permissions.

Succeeding these steps, the Menu key needs to be pressed & the user must select Edit. Here, Expand Connections initially. Then, set Location (GPS)” to “Deny”.

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