Android Smartphones can somewhat act as a mini-computer and enable the user to do all the work on the go. Considering the advantages offered by the Android OS, the biggest drawback that comes to the mind is the limited battery life. All Android Smartphones whether low-end or high-end, have an average battery life of just 12-15 hours. And if the phone is used throughout the day, then the battery life is even less than 12 hours.

There are a number of ways of improving the battery life- setting the brightness to minimum, turning off the auto-sync, disabling 3G network etc. There is another technique for users having an Android with a dual core processor. The user can disable one core of the processor and increase the battery life. For this an app named XCore will have to be used.Save-android-battery-life
XCore is a free app available on the Google Play Store. It has a very simple but effective UI. It is pretty easy to use it as well. Just run the app and choose “OFF” or “ON” options as per the user’s need. XCore needs root permissions so the device must be rooted. On running the app for first time, provide the root permission to XCore. The user can select the appropriate settings and then exit the app. The features of this app are- simple UI, optimized battery performance, easy to use. It is compatible with CM9 also.

XCore app Core Status: ON

Disabling the second core has an obvious disadvantage. It helps in improving the battery life but it comes at a cost of reduced performance. So an individual has to use XCore app wisely. It should be used when the phone remains idle for a longer period of time.

Xcore1 app Core Status: OFFXCore was originally made only for the Sony Xperia devices. It has been successfully tested on Sony Experia U, Experia  P and Xperia Sola. However it is known to work on many devices with a dual core processor.

Download XCore from here.

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