As we progress forward, the amount of tweaks, tricks that are dished out for the individual’s use keep on escalating with the course of time. There are newer, improved tricks that are provided for the users to facilitate the required operation and complete the intended task. During instances it may so happen that sometimes the keyboard is brought up accidentally while performing some other task at this point of time. Hence, there is a continual attempt on getting rid of such an irritable situation.

However, catering to find an app to solution for this particular problem isn’t the exact way on how this problem can be solved. Along these lines as we slowly and steadily proceed to certain disclosures, a solution called as DismissMyKeyboard has been found for the jailbroken devices. This notability has been resident on the Cydia Store and is regarded as a tweak which can be utilized to dismiss the keyboard on iPhone and iPod Touch. A simple gesture is used to facilitate the same.dismissmykeyboard

The function that is performed by the tweak involves that of removing the specific keyboard whenever the user does not need it in that particular instance of time. After the individual installs this particular tweak, no further enabling of the particular tweak is necessary. It is automatically activated after the installation is done.Description

The process is done by simply swiping through from the space key to a specific return key situated next to it. In this fashion, the user can avail this facility to dismiss the keyboard. For the Swipe users, this task can be completed by simply swiping the completely opposite to as described before. Hence, these users swipe from the space key to the return key. Afterwards, the individual should tap the return key again to dismiss the keyboard.

DismissMyKeyboard is a tweak i.e. available in the Cydia Store through the BigBoss repository. It can be also downloaded for free.  The best part is that the user can revert back to bring the keyboard back up again. It is done by tapping in the text field.

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