Usually it is an easy process to get all the notifications related with the particular applications. However, Windows Phone 8 provides a propitious way of functionalizing this aspect. This is by displaying these notifications on the lock screen. This approach is an efficient manner to receive all the updates quickly for you without even having you to unlock your particular device. This tutorial helps you to perform this operation like child’s play. Follow the steps to complete the dedicated task.


  1. At the beginning, go to the Settings. This is be done by selecting it from the live tile or by accessing the app list.
  2. These steps are performed after you have entered the settings screen. Next, find and select the lock screen option. Its location is on the right at the top.
  3. Hereafter you can view all the notifications at the bottom of the screen. Also, Windows Phone system provides you a detailed status from one app. The other apps get displayed as icons with the corresponding number of notifications on them. Here, choose none which sets the particular app to display detailed status. Thereafter, lists of capable apps are opened up from which the user can choose the same.Choose an app for detailed notifs
  4. Setting the other apps to display quick statuses is a similar process to the aforementioned steps. Employing such functionality you can easily view the unread messages, emails missed calls, battery level displayable on the lock screen itself. Thus, it is beneficial to receive all the updates by simply looking on the lock screen.Choose app for quick status
  5. Additionally the user is allowed to view the interface from where he/she select the respective app to display on the lock screen. This is the same interface for the both setting detailed or quick status apps.

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