At present iOS 7 beta is the talk of the town and this has been the hot topic currently. When such tidings have surfaced up, it is important to note the awesome keyboard that presents its arrival along-with the other colourful icons.

The peculiar aspect that stands out in is the facilitation of ever-so-subtle transparency which characterizes the much needed layering to the experience. This was the word that was emphasized upon when the announcement was officially made. There was a system to turn iOS into something a little more modern than iOS 6.iOS-7-keyboard-on-iOS-6

It is a disputable aspect whether you should or you should not install iOS 7 on your particularized iOS device. Presently, dissatisfactory aspects like battery life, crashing apps and general beta-ness are the disadvantageous prospects. But the translucent keyboard of iOS 7 is one functionality which has dished out a hassle free experience up till now.

As a jailbroken user, you have the perfect setup for employing this facilitation. Utilizing the Color Keyboard for iPhone, you can use the mod for producing the effect to make iOS 6’s keyboard background translucent. The same procedure can be used for bringing this to iOS 7. You can download and install this file from here.

Next, you will simply need to unzip and add to /Library/Keyboard/ColorKeyboard/Themes. Thereafter you will just have to enable the same in the Color Keyboard. Incase you want matching fonts, you will need to install BytaFont + Roboto Light from Cydia.

Reddit user MiniHos shared the news, along with a link to the required files. Making use of Color Keyboard for iPhone, the mod has the effect of making the iOS 6’s keyboard background translucent, just like it is in iOS 7. To install, download the file from Reddit, unzip and add to /Library/Keyboard/ColorKeyboard/Themes, and then simply enable it in Color Keyboard. For matching fonts, install BytaFont + Roboto Light from Cydia.

This is the tweak you might be actually waiting for incase you don’t want to give iOS 7 beta a try or incase its inaccessible. As of now, we have seen significant promise from the first two released beta versions. However it remains to be seen what surfaces up in the subsequent betas over the course of time.

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