With the launch of the new Nexus 7, Google officially unveiled Android 4.3. One of the many new things that was found in the Nexus 7, was a dedicated app for the Google Play Store games – Google Play Games.

Google Play Games is basically one common location where all the information is stored about the most recently played games, the gaming achievements, those that a player has yet to unlock, and leaderboards for every different map within a specific game and even the friends you play with.

It serves as an extension to the Google Play Store, where you can discover some new games and even launch a game. Users can also join multiplayer games directly from the app, which is convenient.

The Google Play Games is available on the Google Play Store in some countries. But there are some areas where it is not available on the Play Store. So instead of waiting for it to arrive on the Google Play Store, users can download the Google Play Games APK and then just install it using any file manager app.

Download the Google Play Games APK from here.

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