Swype is a virtual keyboard for touchscreen smartphones and tablets originally developed by Swype Inc. where the user enters words by sliding a finger or stylus from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words. It uses error-correction algorithms and a language model to guess the intended word. It also includes a predictive text system, handwriting and speech recognition support.


Until a few months ago, Swype Keyboard was in its beta stages and it was available for the users from their website and not on the Google Play Store. But now, it is out of the beta stages and it has been on the Google Play Store for quite sometime. However the disappointing thing was it is available for trial for only a limited time and after that the user will have to pay for it. However using the following patch, the user can install it without having to pay for it.



  1. Download the Swype Keyboard APK and Lucky Patcher APK and transfer it to the SD card of the phone.
  2. Using Root Explorer, locate the files on the phone and then install both the files by tapping on them.
  3. Do not open Swype Keyboard now.
  4. Open Lucky Patcher and grant the root privileges.
  5. From the list of applications, tap on Swype then select “Open Menu of Patches”.
  6. After this step, tap on “Remove License Verification”. Now select “Auto Modes”.
  7. In the next window, tick mark “Auto mode” and “Other patches (Extreme mode)!” and then tap on apply.
  8. After a few moments, the procedure will be complete and the user will be able to use Swype Keyboard Full Version.

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