Just yesterday Mountain View broadcasted the announcement with respect to the launch of their new messenger app at the Google I/O. A new messenger app called Hangouts was released for the Android, Chrome and iOS. This is an ideal replacement for the Google Talk and is available for Android, Chrome, and iOS.
This app acts as a beneficial cross-platform unified messaging product. It is set to replace the conventional Google Talk and will bestow one-on-one and group chatting across desktop, Android and Apple devices. Furthermore it will also include photos, emoji and video calls. The general understanding is that this app helps in integrating the messaging from Google’s GTalk, Google+ Messenger, Hangouts and Voice products.

After you download and install the Hangouts App, press on the icon to fire Hangouts. Subsequently you will be treated to a new, fresh and uncluttered interface. Once the app is opened, the user is entitled to view only the currently available conversations. The individual has the specific functionality to archive various messages by simply sliding the conversations to the left or the right.

Initially after you open the app, you are prompted to a screen where you are asked to confirm your number. This is an optional activity and if the user performs this operation, then his/her phones number can be easily available to be found on Google services. Once you slide to the right hand side of the app, you have the beneficial option of starting a new Hangout with someone. Afterwards you can see the new hangout page wherein displayable is the people that you most frequently contact. Also seen are other names in Google+ circles. This list is very huge if you have a plethora of contacts in your circles.

The most advantageous trait involves by the fact that the user is allowed to begin a conversation on your iPhone and eventually this can be propelled on the Mac or Windows PC. Moreover, this conversation is continued right from where you left off on your Android tablet or iPad. Thus this highlights the peculiarity of the cross-platform solution provided by Hangouts.

Therefore it is a decent 1.0 release. Additionally it provides group conversations support photo transfers, emojis and status indicators. The individual also has the feasibility to turn any one-on-one conversation into a video call in relation with the other participants. This number can be raised upto 10 participants.

The following are the most advantageous benefits that a user is entitled to if he/she employs such functionality onto their devices. The Hangouts features include:

  • Option of viewing and continuing the specific Hangouts across devices
  • Obtain notifications only once. When you see an alert, it gets removed on other devices.
  • Advantageous option to snooze your notifications and the feasibility of responding later
  • Check the conversation of the past, including shared photos and your video call history
  • Keeping a record of any Hangout for a certain duration of time by turning history off
  • Viewing the collection of photos shared from different Hangouts
  • Choosing from over 850 emoji to express during conversations

Check out a cool promotional video of this functionality:

Hangouts is available for free and can be downloaded from the following links.

Download links:

  1. Google’s Play store for Android devices
  2. On Apple’s App Store for the iOS devices
  3. Web app on Chrome Web Store

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