Just previously, we were treated with the release of the Google Maps 7.0 APK for Android; at that point of time, it was promised that the iPad version would be available soon. Staying in accordance with the initial announcement, Apple has released the version 2.0 of Google Maps for the iOS platform.Google Maps version 2.0

Let’s begin by presenting information regarding the design of the new app. This newly designed app sports an all-new design for the iPad and this is not in conjunction or a scaled version from the iPhone variant. This version offers certain advantageous functionalities with the enhanced navigation along-with the live traffic updates and incident reports. Such an impressive facilitation amounts the fact that you can stay rest assured about Google Maps’ guidance throughout your trip.

The availability of the all-new Explore tab will also help in a beneficial way. The users will be allowed to quickly discover (or explore) popular local places. Furthermore, this data is displayed out in a card-style view, and it looks awesome when seen on the iPhone and iPad both.Explore Tab Google Maps

Furthermore, it provides the propitious option of offline Maps. This is similar in conjunction to its Android version and it allows the user to, just fit the map area on the screen which you want to cache at that particular time. Users can simply tap on the search button and then type in “Ok Maps” in the search bar on top. Subsequently Google Maps will assist your progress to cache that area on your device for offline use.Google Maps for iOS

Incase you are facing problems with respect to performing this operation, you can follow the instructions from this tutorial on how to cache offline maps in Google Maps 7.0 for Android. Because this is for Android and presently you need a procedure for the iOS platform, you will simply need to continue from step number 2.

The trait about this new version is that the app features indoor maps. It is a welcome move and an important addition for the users who are frequent travelers, and are always scared about the prospect of losing their way in these circumstances. indoor maps

The new release of the Google Maps app arrives with all the mandatory bug fixes and performance enhancements. This app can be downloaded from here.

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