Google Map has proved to be the best app when the user wants to explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate the world. It is very accurate which makes it a very reliable app. After the well known failure of the Apple Maps, Google Maps was reinstated on the iTunes.

Google had promised that Maps will be getting a long overdue update and now Google has started to roll out the new update of the Google Maps.


This new update comes with a refreshing new UI for both the smartphones and the tablets. Along with the new UI in this update, the users can find some awesome navigation changes that were expected, including “live traffic updates, incident reports, and dynamic rerouting,” meaning if there’s a wreck during the commute, Maps can go ahead and route you around the incident. This is a very good feature and it can help the user save a lot of time while commuting.


Additionally, “Explore” gives the user a new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep.


Sadly, the new version has been rolled out only for the Android devices running on the Jelly Bean OS (4.1+). However Ice Cream Sandwich users are due to receive an update very soon.

Android 4.2 users can download the latest Google Maps from here.
Android 4.1+ users can download the latest Google Maps from here.

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