Since the time it has been released, Vine has served as a beneficial utility for the users. But, the app requires internet connectivity to work with and users are provided with no option when the user wants to download Vine videos for offline use. Currently users are allowed to share these particularized videos within the individual’s own account or users have the facility to post these on to Twitter.

During the time that users want Vine videos offline, a jailbreak tweak called VineDownloader presents a beneficial utility for the users. As such no complex Settings or configuration will be required and the normal features of Vine keep working efficiently.VineDownloader

At the beginning, you will need to download and install the tweak on your device. A new menu gets displayed in the stock Settings app. This is in the form of a single toggle wherein the user simply has to make this tweak active or inactive. Additionally users also have the option of tweeting to the developer of the jailbreak tweak from this menu.

For viewing this tweak in operation, the user will have to open the particular sharing menu in Vine. You can see a “save video” button which is present below the “report this post” button. If you are using Vine for the first time, then you will see a dotted icon at the right corner of the bar from where the menu is accessible.

Furthermore, the tweak downloads all these saved videos in normal video format. The important thing to note is that the size of the downloaded video is small and hence you wont run out of space on your device. Traditionally videos that are downloaded will be approximately around 6 seconds of less and these videos can be saved easily.

VineDownloader can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it is priced at $0.99. Thus it is a beneficial utility for viewing Vine videos without even requiring an Internet connectivity.

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