Angry Birds StarWars

Rovio’s Angry Birds is an immensely hit game in the smartphone world. Since releasing it’s first game, many new games have been released – Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space. The latest in the line of these games is Angry Birds Star Wars.

Cloud City

As the name suggests, this game is based on the Star Wars franchise. In the last update of Angry Birds Star Wars, we came across the Hog Empire at the Battle of Hoth. And now the latest update of this game brings the Cloud City expansion pack with it. This isn’t a big surprise for the die-hard Star Wars fans since Rovio has been following the Star Wars Collectable Card Game.

In the Cloud City expansion pack, the player comes across a trip to a city in the clouds – carbonite-frozen Han Skwawking Solo. This is the next in a long series of updates to the massively expansive Star Wars/Angry Birds crossover gaming experience. In this update it’s time to have a face-off against the Bounty Hunters.

The expansion pack brings along 20 new Bespin levels in the Cloud City. There is also an introduction of the steam game-play mechanics. The player can unlock the new Boba Fett Missions by collecting all 5 hidden rocket packs, via promotion code, or via in-app purchase. There is also a new Twitter integration using which the player can share their trophies with their Twitter followers.

Download the Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City Expansion pack from here.

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