Conventionally we have seen a plethora of apps that provide insights with respect to the battery of iPhone, however each app dishes out its unique utilities when resided onto the particular device. Along these lines, currently we are introduced to BatteryDoctorPro. This app from the Cydia Store has tremendous potential to rise above the other apps by providing significant benefits to the user in different ways. This app has been developed in regard to jailbroken iPhones.


The app is responsible for bringing the widgets on both the Springboard and the Notification Center. Also it is aided along with several other advantageous features. These added benefits wouldn’t have been available if this tweak was released from the App Store.

Initially after you download and install the tweak, you can view these widgets in different areas. This is because the respective widgets get added automatically. After you tap the particular battery icon i.e., present on the homescreen or Notification Center, you will be directed to the functioning of the respective widget. This process assists in the progress of the widget coming into action. During the time that you keep pressing on the specific app icons, it will result in the closure of the particular apps. Additionally, the user is benefited with the presence of a RAM indicator which has been placed on the top right of the screen. This specific functionality can be utilized for the closure of the apps every time at each juncture.

Moreover the individual has the option to create new profiles and gather knowledge and learn from the existing default ones. Thus this helps in optimizing the battery life on your iPhone. The user has the facility of switching options and setting it to an “Outdoor” mode so that the mobile can use the mobile data. This is due to the fact that the app has presumed that there will be no active Wi-Fi connection around. Hence, the Wi-Fi option is simply left inactive.BatteryDoctorPro Cydia

The app is also boosted with several other toggles that present their arrival in the realms of possibilities. Furthermore the app also helps you to monitor how much of RAM, memory, space, cycle values is used by the respective apps. In this fashion, it will result in clearing caches from the third party apps and native apps. Just like that the individual can utilize the Setting menu option on defining the notifications and battery life alerts. The best part is that BatteryDoctorPro is available for free and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository.

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