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Usually we possess the normal keyboard resident on our particular devices. Changing the color of the keyboard can be considered to be a fantastic proportionality. Thus such an advantageous facility has been fulfilled by a Cydia tweak which helps in changing the color of your keyboard. The users can employ such a tweak for improving the customization aspect as well as exhibiting a stylish appearance for the keyboard. The tweak is compatible with iOS 5 or more.

This tweak is responsible for changing the base color of your keyboard. Once you install the same, this specific tweak will configure the respective functionality from the Settings app. Afterwards you can see a Color Keyboard option there & later you can easily choose the specific color for your iDevice keyboard.

Steps for installation on iPhone or iPod:

  1. Open up Cydia and go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and type in the following repo name:
  2. At the beginning you will have to open Cydia and then navigate to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add.
  3. Next type in the following repository name: SinfuliPhone Source or Insanelyi Source.
  4. Tap on Add source after you have entered the particular repository.
  5. Afterwards, click on Add anyway. At a later time when this repo has installed, you will have to navigate to the search bar and enter “Color Keyboard Cracked”.
  6. During the time that you scroll down you will easily find it. After this click on the same & install it. Eventually the device will reboot.
  7. Hereafter when the device gets rebooted, you will need to open up the Settings app on your iPhone or iPod.
  8. Subsequently, you should scroll down to find Color Keyboard. From here, you possess the advantageous aspect of changing the theme of your keyboard. Additionally, you can also alter the pop up key on your iPhone or iPod.
  9. Only after you change your settings, you wil have to click on the Save button which is present on the upper right corner.
  10. If you need more themes, you can search these on Cydia and download them.

You need a jailbroken device for employing this tweak. Color Keyboard cydia tweak is available at a price of just $1.99 from the Cydia app store.

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