Facebook’s next big innovation is the Facebook Home. Recently, it was announced that Facebook Home App will be made available on Google Play store for Free from 12th April 2013. However, before this tentative date some early beta builds of Facebook Home have been leaked on the internet.

These builds have been pulled out of an early build of HTC First device, which is said to be the first Facebook phone.

Facebook Home Android leakFacebook Home leakedFacebook Home app

The Facebook Home App is divided into 3 APK files namely: The main Facebook App (‘Katana’), The Facebook Messenger app(‘Orca’) and the Facebook Home Launcher ‘shell’ App. This App however supports only a maximum resolution of 1280×768. For this version to work you need to completely uninstall all the Facebook apps that are currently installed on your phone.

If you are on a Stock ROM that has pre-installed Facebook apps then you have to uninstall them. In case they aren’t getting uninstalled you need to have Root access to do so. If you are on a custom ROM you’re good to go! Simply install all three Apps and then press the home button. You will have to log in to you Facebook account and wait for some time to let your device sync with your account. Now you are ready to use your new Facebook Home!

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