Yesterday, EA Sports launched their much awaited FIFA 14 game for multiple platforms. It has better gameplay, superior graphics and it is also optimized for the tablet devices thus giving users a better overall experience. It is also updated with the latest teams and player transfers.

FIFA 14 is a mammoth 1.3 GB game on Android platform. In spite of the game size, the FIFA 14 available on the Google Play Store is a freemium version which means it is not a fully unlocked game. Some game modes such as tournament mode and managerial mode are “pay to unlock and play”. However there is a way to get a fully unlocked FIFA 14. Follow the instructions given below.




  1. Make sure FIFA 14 is installed on your Android device.
  2. Download the unlock zip file and transfer it on your device.
  3. Now using Root Explorer, navigate to the directory where you placed the Unlock zip file.
  4. Now copy the Unlock zip file to the SDCard/TitaniumBackup directory.
  5. Now launch Titanium Backup and provide the necessary root permissions.
  6. Now go to the “Backup/Restore” tab.
  7. Scroll down and find FIFA 14.
  8. Next, tap on FIFA 14 and then select the “Restore” option.
  9. In the next prompt, select the “Data Only” option. Done!

Now open FIFA 14 and you will see that all the game modes are unlocked on your Android device.

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    well written…………..but pls fix the link and if possible send it to me……….at

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    I’m gonna test it right now,thx for the tips :D

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