The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched earlier this year, amid much fanfare. It has some great features and one that has impressed many users is the “Air Gesture” feature. Using this feature, the user has to just wave the hand at the Samsung Galaxy S4 to accept calls, change music, or browse the web and the photos.

This was exclusively available only for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s variants. However, there is an app which will let the individuals use all the call functions using the “Air Gesture” feature: Air Call Accept!

Air Call

Once Air Call-Accept is installed on the smartphone, the user will have to just waive the hand for picking up the call using the gesture. This is very useful as it helps to effortlessly answer the calls without even touching the phone. It is of great utility for the people who use the Bluetooth headset while driving as they can answer their calls without any fuss. This app also has the functionality to automatically turn speakerphone on to answer calls within the settings.

Air Call-Accept will use the proximity sensor of the phone for recognizing all the air gestures. So, for Air Call-Accept to be compatible with the smartphone, the presence of proximity sensor is a necessity. This is not a big issue, since all the high end phones are equipped with proximity sensors.

There are two variants of Air Call-Accept – free and paid. The free version of this app can be used only to receive the calls. All other functions are not available for the free variant. The paid version has other features – reject calls, speaker on when answer call and send SMS when rejected a call.

Air Call-Accept will work with the devices running on Android 1.6 and above.
Download Air Call-Accept (Free) from here.
Download Air Call-Accept (Paid) from here.

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