Nintendo Gameboy changed the way we played games and there are many of us who look forward to have the same experience on our mobile devices. Nintendo GBA took this gaming experience to the next level just when the Smartphone revolution was in its nascent state. Now, we have something cool for all the Android users who miss playing games on their Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Here we present, the Nintendo GBA Emulator for Android which will give you the same experience of playing Nintendo GBA games on Android devices!

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GBAoid provisions out cheats, configurable controls and produces top-notch performance as per the utilities dished out by this emulator. Also, it has the ability to fast-forward boring cut-scenes. Therefore, presented below is a tutorial which aids you installing the GBAoid emulator and playing your games on the Android device.


Steps for Installing GBAoid on Android:

  1. At the beginning you need to note that this specific emulator isn’t available on the Play Store. Hence, you need to ensure that you Android Smartphone must have the particular permission to install non market apps which are present outside from the Google Play Store.
  2. After this, you should select “Settings”. Hereafter, go to the “Applications” and next you should tick on “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Hereupon, download this specific file GBAoid. This APK can be downloaded from here
  4. This particularized file can be either downloaded to the PC or directly can be downloaded onto your handset. If this itemized file is downloaded on the computer, then you will have to transfer this file to your device via the USB cable. Later, finding the file from the SD card (using a file manager app); unzip the file and open the APK file.
  5. Click on “Install” after you find the GBAoid APK.
  6. Proceed to find and install a GBA BIOS file. This is the code which is copyrighted to Nintendo and in order to not get into a legal situation, you have to ensure that you download, and install this specific file yourself. This is the developer’s job to find the targeted file and provide it to the user.
  7. You can find this by simply trying to find on Google in the name of “gba_bios.bin”. This can complete your operation.
  8. When you finish downloading the specific file, either to the computer or the phone; thereupon you will need to load GBAoid. Upon the completion of this operation you are directed and asked to find the BIOS. At this point of time, you should select “Browse”, and choose the displayable file which was just acquired.
  9. These specific installations are known as ROMs and are very easy to find. After you find the particular game file, simply place this “.GBA” file on your SD card and open GBAoid again. Find the specific ROM and choose it to play ahead.
  10. If every task has been performed correctly, then you be directed to the game. The controls can be the virtual buttons or certain methodologies can be found by selecting the “Menu” button. Hereafter, choosing “input settings” you can easily configure a gamepad or the intended controls.

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