Just recently we have seen the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrive on the Google Play Store running on stock firmware. Users have been presented with the facility to enjoy more storage space because of the eradication of the TouchWiz and Sense launchers along-with the removal of the non-Nexus bloatware. The Google edition of these revelations bestow out a series of functionalities for the users. The best part is that now the new red SunBeam live wallpaper, boot animation, and tweaked camera app are available for download.HTC-One-Samsung-GS4-Stock-Android

Please note that one or two of these features require a root access in order to be installed. The boot animation is a representation of some neatly arranged spinning dots and you cannot install this functionality if you haven’t rooted your device. You can download the ZIP file from the bottom of this pot and place this file into /system/media. Eventually you can use a root file explorer for fixing permissions rw-r-r-. Once done, you can simply reboot and then you are good to go.

Performing this action will assist the progress in overwriting the current animation that is existent on the device. During cases where in you don’t want to mess around with root files, then you always have the option of transferring via ADB to the data/local directory. However, this method is a hit-and-miss method.Screenshot

Apart from the boot animation and wallpaper, additionally the camera app also has undergone significant changes with the newest update. The changes include a more accessible view in reference to the settings menu and certain volume toggles for shutter control have been provided. According to reports it is understood that users are currently facing problems with respect to editing images from within the Gallery.

Download links:

Download Boot Animation from here.

Download Camera App from here.

Download SunBeam Live Wallpaper from here.

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