Android smartphones have become the most preferred choice among the people. It’s open source nature as well as powerful features make it very popular. One of the features which is appreciated by many users is the ability to keep widgets on the home-screen. These widgets are provided by the app developers and some of them are pre-installed in the firmware. There are some firmwares in which the widgets are absent or they aren’t liked by the users. In these situations an app named HD Widgets can be used.

HD Widgets is specially designed for the high resolution tablets and mobile phones. As the name suggests, all the widgets are high resolution which makes it more pleasing to the eye. It contains many widgets that are not found in any of the firmwares. Some widgets that can be found in this app include clock widgets, local date & time in weather screen, various switches, etc.


Another advantage of using HD Widgets is that the user can customize it as they like. For example, HD Widgets offers a variety of options in the Weather Widget itself. It is possible to re-size the widgets as well as select the switches which are needed by the user. The user can also mix and match various clocks (LED, flip clock, and Honeycomb) with backgrounds, layouts, and other options.

HD Widgets are compatible with many of the third party launchers as well. It works perfectly fine with the Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, SPB Shell launchers on the smartphones. For the tablets, the Apex, Nova and Holo launchers are supported.

Features of HD Widgets:

  • Easy and quick editing
  • More than 100 amazing, beautiful widgets for all device types
  • Ability to organize the widgets by sizes
  • Various utility switches – clock, date, location, weather, forecast
  • LED, flip clock, & Honeycomb clock designs
  • Various colorful backgrounds
  • Hotspots for alarm clock, calendar & weather
  • Multiple locations and weather services
  • Phone widgets: 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 
  • Tablet widgets: all phone sizes plus 8×1, 8×2, 4×7, 6×1, 6×2, & 3×5

Download HD Widgets from here.

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