Traditionally, it’s a common discussion to involve differences between Android and iOS and later present out the advantages and disadvantages associated with the respective platforms. Every individual has his/her own opinion which is catered across the debate to willingly put away the point with a positive resultant impact. In such cases, it is imperative to understand that each platform will have its fair pros and cons which will be supplemented by the respective users. However, usually widgets are the fascinating set of things the iOS users lose on their respective handsets and there was no provision previously to exactly replicate another Android device’s widget onto their specific handset. But, slowly and steadily as technological advancements paved ways to improve the quality of life and ease user’s functionalities; thereupon came into existence the marvelous perspective of Jailbreak.

With the aspect of jailbreaking, the iOS users can take benefit of such a tweak to facilitate the necessary operation of installing HTC One X’s weather and clock widget on their respective device. Coming up through the years, Cydia constitutes for a plethora of Sense UI inspired themes which are resident in the repositories for the jailbroken devices. Along these lines, the HTC One X version has also been made available for the jailbroken iPhones.

HTC One Widget

The widgets have always signified an amazing prospect with the resultant specs and the Sense UI. Usually, the loyal fanbase of iOS devices won’t try and tinkering with their respective devices. But, the plethora of Android styled tweaks, modifications available in the Cydia Store just paves way for the fiddling and tampering purposes.

The HTC One X Widget requires the PerPageHTML tweak from Cydia as a pre-requisite for the further installation of the intended operation of installing the HTC One X Widget on their iOS device. At any instance of time, if you feel that PerPageHTM is more of a resource, data hogger; then you need to develop an understanding that it is not possible to perform the task without the prior installation of PerPageHTML.



After you decide on installing the tweak, you need to open PerPageHTML and then choose the available HTC One X widget option. Thereafter, when you respring the Springboard then the facilitated aspect works without difficulty. This tweak is available for free and can be found from the Modmyi repository.

Therefore, if you want to employ HTC One X Widget on your device; you need to follow the pre-requisite and install PerPageHTML to perform the necessitated operation of having the feel of Sense on your device.

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