The peculiarity of the Aptoide App involves in acting as an alternative for allowing the user to install Apps on Android devices. This itemized softwares are made available from various repositories. In this fashion, each repository has a plethora of applications with the wide variety of distributed Apps in various locations. At a later stage, these respective applications get updated from time to time and the user is notified of updates.
Aptoide app

Therefore, it acts as a substitute for the main Google Play Store App and can be used to download all the Android apps and games on the respective device. Also, it is construed to be the first Android independent Marketplace. This functionality is responsible for dishing out a wide variety of apps. These constitute to be more than 60,000 different apps spread over 50,000 independent stores.


  1. At first, you should download the Aptoide APK file to your Android device. This can be downloaded from here.
  2. Once you download the application, you should go to notification bar & install the specific Aptoide.apk by simply clicking on installing Aptoide.
  3. Next, simply press the “Install” button. This is responsible for completing the installation.

Aptoide upgraded to a better functional version 4.0.0 just at the end of the last year. This specific version included a plethora of significant changes in the form of a better interface, faster loading aspects, and presence of a download manager, other higher recommendation and interactivity options amongst the other available things. The following were the added changes in the current version:

  1. Dynamic Load: The user will not have to wait during the time that the stores are fully analysed. Once you add a shop, Aptoide can be used. You just need to refresh when new data become available and ready.
  2. Download manager: With the current upgradation, Aptoide helps in managing downloads very easily.
  3. Browse the Store: You browse through various shops independently or combine them.
  4. Latest Applications, Comments and “Like” : Viewable now are the last Comments, last I “Like”, and the Top Apps Top Apps of each store.
  5. Application Information: Proper description is presented for the applications. Also you can see screenshots, comments and vote for specific favorite applications.
  6. Related Applications: Now in the application information, you will see the other related applications that users have downloaded.
  7. Send applications: It is the specific selection of downloadable apps.
  8. Updates a click / Refresh All: Updation of applications has become like child’s play.
  9. Improvements in and register
  10. Support for multiple screens: There is support available now. Hence, you can install it on any device Aptoide.
  11. Social Networks: Integration has been provided to share these downloads on Facebook and Twitter.
  12. Correction of bugs.

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