In the days gone, several beta versions have surfaced up and been made available to the developers. It’s already been a month since the iOS 7 beta 1 was broadcasted out, and with subsequent developments taking place consistently the work is being done appropriately. Before expected time Apple has released the iOS 7 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Thus this is a beneficial availability for the people who are signed up to the company’s dev program for checking the progress over the course of time.


It’s been a mixed response so far with respect to iOS 7 and with the some notable changes and available features that have presented their arrival; and as we look forward to various developments associated with incremental beta versions, it is regarded that these builds will enhance as further reinforcements apply through. However, the initial fallacies, imperfections and issues will be existent in the underlying beta versions and as usual Apple will have to ensure that the released set of versions meet the company’s impeccable standards.

Let’s turn our attention to the iOS 7 beta 3 and the set of functionalities it offers.

Obviously the set of performance enhancements stand out to make a mark apart from the other usual unspecified bug fixes. Overall users are provided a smoother overall experience. The iOS 7 beta 3 possesses the necessitated features for iPad support and this beta version can be easily employed on the Apple tablet.


Further ahead as we wait for official announcements and releases, it remains to be seen as to what other notable developments will come that would help in improving the overall development associated with iOS 7. Although several changes need to be incorporated, but slowly and steadily these changes will manifest themselves to arrive for the betterment.

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