Every OS has its strengths and the particular weaknesses. Moreover, these are ostentatiously displayable over the features and the other added functionalities that are provided by the respective apps and games. Some individuals prefer customizing their device according to their preferences, while the others have a strong attraction for employing certain type of traditional things only. Along these lines, Espier Screen Locker manages to present a method to devise the famed iOS lock screen onto the Android devices.iPhone Lock Screen Experience on Android

The trait of this app is that individuals can use this facility to play a prank with their friends or during instances when the user wants Android to look like iOS just from the outside. This function is facilitated by Espier and it provides the necessitated benefits of incorporating iOS’s Lockscreen feature onto Android.

This is a significant addition to all the other launchers which are available for the customizable purposes. Furthermore, this valuable feature also presents out a passcode popup with the traditional Slide to Unlock of the iPhone.Passcode lock

The attached screenshots prove a propitious source of displaying the iPhone lockscreen onto the device and at a glance; it appears exactly similar as the one present on the iPhone. It is an awesome exhibition if you want to play pranks on your friends or have fun employing the iPhone type experience on your own handheld Android device. It may fool people and help them in believing that you are running iOS on your Smartphone!
Espier Screen Locker

This functionality is available free of charge and can be downloaded from here. It is surely an interesting proportionality for those users who enjoy playing pranks or trying something new on their device.

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