As we all know Flash Player is a useful entity which helps the user in providing the videos, apps, games to feature on their Android device. Also, it enriches the user dishing out the wide range of functionalities right at the tip of their hands feasible on the Android Smartphone. Adobe’s announcement that Android won’t support Flash Player to the latest version of the OS came as a striking shock to the users, however later a method was devised as to how this particular functionality can be employed onto the devices. Therefore, it means that the Adobe Flash Player is not officially supported but a method can be manifested which can help to install Flash player Android JellyBean 4.1.
Flash Player on Android

This notable work was performed by a member from xda called stempox and this process has largely proven beneficial over the course of time.

Download Android Adobe Flash Player APK version

Note: Installing the Flash Player on an unknown device can harm and produce a destabilizing effect on the device.

If your device is uncertified, it may result in an uncharacteristic behavior on the respective device. Have a look at the certified devices here before you plan to install it on your device.

Presented below is a quick tutorial to guide your way on how to download and install Adobe Flash Player version on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The following are the steps:

  1. At the beginning, you will need to download the latest APK file. This action can be performed from the download links given above.
  2. Thereafter, copy and paste these specific downloaded files to Android device’s SD card (smartphone or tablet)
  3. Now, transfer that particular file onto your device and then install the APK using a File Manager.
  4. Later, start the browser from your Android phone.
  5. Subsequentially you will have to uncheck the option of Flash Player which is present in the browser settings.
  6. Ultimately you have managed to install the latest version of Adobe Flash player on your Android device.

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