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Fruit Ninja is a fun game that almost every smart phone user has played at least once. This game has been a hit on both Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App store. It has received about 100 million downloads on Play store, which says it all. If you have played the game you might know that the bombs can get a bit irritating when you make an high score. When you make score about 200+ too many bombs start jumping on to the screen making it quite difficult to play the game.

However there is a mod to remove bombs completely from the game. This Mod allows you to make extremely high scores. You can make high scores of more than 1 million using this mod. Since there are no bombs there is nothing to hinder you from obtaining such high scores. With such scores you can be the undefeated champion amongst your friends and no one can even detect that you’ve applied any mod to the game.

Fruit Ninja 50000 highscore



  1. Download all the files mentioned in the requirements.
  2. Connect your Device to the PC/MAC.
  3. Place the Modified APK file on your SD card.
  4. Once the transfer is complete disconnect your device.
  5. If you had earlier installed Fruit Ninja, uninstall it.
  6. Open the File manager of your choice.
  7. Navigate to the folder where you placed the APK file.
  8. Install the APK file.
  9. Now run the game and enjoy it without bombs and make scores that are sky high!

Now enjoy the game and earn scores as high as 50,000! Please tell us how this worked out for you.

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