Just after Google-Motorola Moto X Smartphone got officially unveiled during this week, at present we are highlighted to witness new developments that have accrued along with respect to this device. Currently, Android users have the option of downloading Moto X’s Stock Wallpapers on their respective device. Therefore, individuals possess the beneficial option of downloading these wallpapers on their Android handsets. In total, there are 16 wallpapers and these can be downloaded from here.Moto-X

Presently many users have got the opportunity of using this handset after it was unveiled, but usual consumers will have to wait until the end of this month to actually try out the handset. Although it is reckoned that all major US carriers will announce this handset by the end of August, on the other hand users can take benefit of the Moto X’s Stock Wallpapers by downloading them from the link provided in the article itself. wallpaper_Moto X

Incase you want to crack your brains with the system dump as well, then you can head over here to the AndroidCentral forums for finding the entire system dump.

Till the time you actually play with this gadget, atleast you can stay engrossed with the new wallpapers Google has released along with the unveiling of the Moto X Smartphone. It is an important point to be noted that these wallpapers even do great on high resolution device; hence users are requested to try them out and tell us their opinion on the same.

Download Link: Moto X Wallpapers

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