Ascending through the transcending years, Google has emerged successful with several beneficial characteristics. Along these lines, Google will dish out a newer, better version of the Play Store marketplace which is regarded to be as the Play Store 4.0.16 soon. This particularized version hasn’t been rolled out officially for the Smartphone users; however we are trying our best efforts to get the APK so that you can easily install the same on your Android device pre-official-launch. This ostensible leaked version displays a Holo-esque and a colorful user interface. Utilizing the newer version, we are treated to a much cleaner and an easier card-like interface. Thus, it is simpler & uncomplicated to view than the previous version.
New-Google-play 4.0

There has been a considerable uplifting overhaul with the UI frame view. The major change illustrates the removal of the “App will be downloaded and installed” screen, which means the during the time that the user clicks on “install” Google Play simply does that and sub-sequentially the individual can continue viewing the Apps listing. In this fashion, the refurbished version doesn’t possess an annoying back button and plus there is no more of the “Keep Shopping” button. From an outside view, it appears that all apps are auto-updated by default, along-with the inclusion of selecting an app if you don’t want that specific app to be auto-updated.

Furthermore, this particular version displays the new fonts as category section titles along with bigger images, which is construed to be viewed as the Google Now box-style item container. The layouts remain the same, however have been face lifted with the profitable aspects.

In this fashion, presented below is a video graphic demo of the particular version:

At this particular moment, we are removing the v4.0.16 of the App, but you are move straight to Download the latest version of the 2013 Google Play Store App v4.0.25 APK file which we posted recently!

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