Man of Steel game for iPhone

We have previously seen that with the release of a new superhero movie, it’s corresponding game is released for the smartphones. This trend has been continued with the movie – Man of Steel.

Superhero games have been a huge hit among the masses and this trend is set to continue with Man of Steel. Several apps and games have been released prior to the release of this movie, but nothing beats the official game of Man of Steel. As of now Man of Steel is only available for the iOS devices.


Created by Warner Bros., Man of Steel is an exciting game with a good game-play and some impressive graphics. The Man of Steel game allows the player to become Superman. Some of the locations in the game include the Kent Farm and Smallville. The story-line of this game is not that huge but it can still get the user hooked on to this game. There are plenty of action, combat, bosses and comic book scenes making for a nice all-round experience.

The user can opt for the personal high score game in the Survival Mode. The user as Superman will have to fight off mini bosses as well as the big bosses that are featured in the film.

As mentioned before, Man of Steel is only available for the iOS devices. It is expected to launch on the Android OS within 24 hours. Man Of Steel is priced at $4.99, but with the in-app purchases, this price could rise up a lot more.
Download Man of Steel from here.

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