One of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the S View. This feature is extremely useful when the user is using a flip cover for his phone. The S View enables users to view important information such as unread messages and missed calls directly through the slits in the flip cover without having to open the cover at all. Now, due to the valuable efforts of XDA member hatroid, this feature has been ported to other phones and works flawlessly on almost all Android phones.

If you remember, we has earlier shared Galaxy S4’s S-Voice feature for all Androids and also the AccuWeather Widget and Launcher.

S View feature App

The feature has been made available as a simple app by the developer which can be easily installed on your phone. The App displays information such as the caller ID screen during an incoming call, the number of unread messages and missed calls, the time, date and day. You can also add your own customized text to be displayed.

S View Start Screen

Once you install and start the S-View app, it shows three options: Start View Service, Customize View and Settings. Tapping the Start View Service allows you to enable or disable the S View. Customize Text allows you to enter customize text to be displayed and also position it as per your need.

S View Settings

Selecting the Settings option takes you to another screen where you can setup your app. It allows you to choose any delay time for the S View screen to be displayed. It also allows you to choose the type of caller ID information that you want to display from two options: Whether you want to display the default Caller ID screen OR the Accept and Reject caller ID screen.

Apart from this, the pro version allows you to hide the S View logo from the View screen and also display the music title in the form of a ticker. The app also disables itself whenever you are using the phone in landscape mode such as while watching videos or playing games.

You can download the S-View App for Free from Google Play Store. If you are interested in buying the pro version, you can buy it from the Pro version page.

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