Temple Run 2

The sequel to the brainchild of Imangi Studious, Temple Run, Temple Run 2 has been finally launched for Android on Google Play store. This was probably the most anticipated sequel in mobile games. Temple Run enjoyed immense popularity ever since it’s launch in 2011. Just like it’s predecessor Temple Run 2 was launched on iOS before being launched on Android. Temple Run 2 was launched a week earlier from now.

The Android version of the game has finally hit the Google Play store. The game is a vast improvement over Temple Run, in terms of graphics as well as game play. The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up the game is the immensely rich graphical detail as compared to it’s predecessor. There are also other noticeable changes in the game play. The monotonous run and jump has been enriched by the addition of tunnel trains, sliding ropes and rolling spikes. The Difficulty of the game has been raised in general which is a good move.

Temple Run gameplay

New power ups have been introduced as compared to before. Also various abilities have been added that can be upgraded by spending in-game coins. The game is vastly changed as compared to Temple Run 2, thought the core game objective remains the same. The multiplier has been replaced with Levels which are increased as you fulfill missions. The view has become a bit more dynamic as compared to a fixed view in the earlier game. The environment has become richer and more immersive.

Temple Run gameplay_2

Many Android gamers complained about a laggy playing experience in Temple Run. Though this has completely changed in Temple Run 2. The game has been rebuilt from scratch, and special care has been taken for a smooth playing experience on Android platform. The game is free like before and available on Google Play store. You can download the game from here.

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