The Temple Run games – Temple Run, Temple Run 2 and Temple Run: Brave have all been a huge hit among the masses. Temple Run and Temple Run 2 were developed by the Imangi Studios. Temple Run: Brave was released together by Imangi and Disney. Temple Run: Brave received many downloads but it had it’s fair share of critics too. After Temple Run: Brave, Disney and Imangi have again come together to launch a new game – Temple Run: Oz.


As the name suggests, Temple Run: Oz is inspired from Disney’s upcoming movie The Great and Powerful Oz. The basic actions in this game remain the same – tilting and swiping your device to guide your character through the obstacles that appear from time to time and collecting the coins and the power-ups.


However it has many new elements in the form of new environments, objects and characters. You run as The Great and Powerful Oz down the Yellow Brick Road in the Whimsical Woods and The Dark Forest. Instead of the three demon monkeys or one big giant weird-faced monkey, you’re being chased by three flying baboons at the start of the game.


An exciting feature that is added to this game is the flying balloon rides. Once aboard your hot air balloon, a player simply tilts their device to steer and collect coins. The balloon ride portion of the game is certainly a bit more relaxed than the typical running and dodging involved in the game.

The usual background music of drums is replaced with that of the movie which brings in a very refreshing change and adds a lot of intensity for the player.

The graphics in this game are really smooth. The environment changes as the player runs. The player can explore different locations by following the sign posts.


The game-play in Temple Run: Oz is much tougher than the previous versions. It is much faster. Unlike in the previous versions, where the obstacles were visible well in advance; in this particular game they appear out of nowhere and it can catch the player by surprise. Plants in the game often leap from locations on the side of the path, attempting to grab you as they fall. Trees also often fall, seemingly out of nowhere, into the path to block your way. The path on the bridge and the cliff also crumble, which makes the game a lot tougher. The player will get only a split second to react.

Temple Run: Oz is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes for $0.99. Android users can download it from here. iOS user can download it from here.

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