Play Store v4.0.27

A few weeks ago, Google rolled out the Play Store Update with the version 4.0.25. This version bought a substantial change in the user interface of the Google Play Store. The UI of this latest update was more holo-esque. And now the latest Google Play Store update that has appeared is version 4.0.27.

While the version 4.0.25 got a positive response due to a refreshing change in the UI, there was still some need to improve this app. Google has been working on getting this very important app up to scratch, and admirably, is keeping the release cycle as regular as possible and allowing Android users to enjoy the improvements as they’re applied.

The 4.0.27 update of the Play Store is mainly concerned with bug fixes. However, another change that is added is that the Android users outside the United States are able to see featured and promotional content, something which was initially only applicable to Play Store app users within the confinements of the United States.

It is not guaranteed that all the users are able to see the featured and the promotional content, but many Android users outside the United States have reported that this problem was rectified with the newest update of the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store 4.0.27 apk can be downloaded from here.

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