Google has started to roll out the Play Store 4.1.10 update. Previously in the version 4.1.6, we saw some very minor changes like the different settings theme, change in the theme of the “update” and the “uninstall” buttons and much more.

The 4.1.10 version is not concerned with the changes in the UI of the Google Play Store. It is more of a bug fix update. This update is especially very useful for the HTC device owners.

PlayStore 4.1.10

When the Google Play Services was updated the last time, a new bug was introduced along with the update which resulted in a battery drain, especially in the HTC devices. There was a location related bug which resulted in the battery drainage. Now with the version 4.1.10, Google has attempted to fix that bug.

Google might be having their own reasons to push through the Google Play Store update instead of the Google Play Services update. Since the update is relatively new, it’s still not known whether the battery drainage bug is completely solved. But if it does, then the Android users can expect a better and a longer battery life.

The Google Play Store 4.1.10 has started appearing on some Android devices in the form of OTA (over the air) update. You can also download it manually.
Download the Google Play Store 4.1.10 APK from here.

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