Widgets are one of the most beneficial things which help in customizing your Android handset. It is a known fact that the Google Play Store possesses a special categorical classification for widgets. These useful utilities are package in an OEM firmware, while the others are independently created and are sold for a particular price. Traditionally stock Android bestows certain useful collection of widgets which provide the benefit in some way or the other. Additionally, the user has the added profit of installing other third-party custom widgets to improve the customization aspect on their Smartphone.


It is a standard fact that Smartphones have ended up replacing the traditional wrist watches etc. Most of the times, an individual checks the time by pulling out your Smartphone rather than every person using a wrist watch to confirm the time. As Smartphones become an integral part of our lives, the Apps help in incorporating the functionalities offered by a wrist watch. Along these lines, TimmoClock is an app which is directed toward addressing a specific thing only. This is displayable as a full-screen desk clock app which caters out these propitious features that are two different brightness modes and two widgets. Thus with the assistance of such beneficial utilities, Smartphones are paving their way to become first choice as timekeepers.

The trait of the App involves in checking the time even when you are half-asleep. Thus the developer has targeted his focus in this direction to help the user in that particular manner. Usually a bright light inside a dark room or around a dark place can prove irritating for the eyes, this app specifically dishes out a low brightness mode in pursuit of checking the time during the time that you wake up in between the night. Moreover, in the full screen mode the app bestows four shortcuts (Camera, Play Store, Search and Browser) for the purpose of easy accessing. Additionally, it comes accompanied with two analog clock widgets that can be placed anywhere. 
TimmoClock screenshot

Therefore, this advantageous functionality isn’t just a Desk Clock App for Android. But, its manifestation assists the progress in checking time in total darkness, which is a peculiar notability amongst the Clock Apps for Android. This App is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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