It is a general understanding that the Stock Android looks great in appearance and is easy to use and navigate, however change is the essence of life. In this fashion, trying a different look and presentation on the handset is a beneficial aspect. Also, there are several themes available on Android. The manifestation of an interesting aspect like changing the impression of your device can be considered as a fantastic proportionality. Hence, proceed to executing a procedure where you can make your device look and operate similarly as if you are facilitating Ubuntu OS for mobile phone.ubuntu-android

Previously, it was construed that Canonical is effectively functioning its own facilitation of its own smartphone OS. The general consensus was that Ubuntu was coming to Galaxy Nexus and it could be employed on such devices. A video below demonstrates the exhibition of Ubuntu for phones. The founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth illustrates the same in a video:

The set of ideas that Ubuntu emphasizes on includes the navigation on the phone to be performed without the use of buttons. Along these lines, the phone facilitates through swipes and these are made resident from each edge performing a unique function at the end of it.

Accomplishing swipes from the top edge opens a settings toggle menu. Subsequentially swiping from the left, results into a manifestation of an opened menu of frequently used apps. During the time that you switch from the right, you can easily switch back to the last app. When you switch from the bottom, the in-app menu gets opened. Therefore, this conceptualization is a classic different way to use the phone.

The following are the requirements for employing the Ubuntu actualization on your handheld device:Appearance on the device

  • Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta: At first you need this particular facility. This capability characterizes in exactly replicating the “Welcome Screen” in Ubuntu on your mobile phone.
  • Widget Locker: This is an optional potentiality only due to the fact that the particular resourcefulness results in the creation of a minimal lockscreen. This is further responsible for placing the focus on the respective live wallpaper.
  • GMD Gesture Control Lite: An app which requires root access. The endowment of this app results in the addition of a menu of custom apps along-with a swipe from the left. This facility provides custom swipe commands if the user can procure the full version. Additionally the full version of the app is responsible for replicating the other various functions which are present in Ubuntu.
  • LMT Launcher: Even this app requires root access. Using this app you can take advantage of adding specific custom swipe functions. However, this is not as user-friendly as GMD but it is bound to work fine.
  • Tangerine Theme for CM10: This is a theme that is available for the CyanogenMod 10 ROM & AOKP). The specific Tangerine is a paid app; however its endowment is worth the money. The manifestation of such an app is responsible for changing the Holo’s blue highlights to orange in conjunction with the addition of some transparencies.

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