During the time that new revelations surface up in the current time reference, the developments associated with them increase with every passing addition into the respective categories. In the process of new advancements with respect to various Smartphones, the progress facilitated with newer applications just keeps escalating. Thus, just as now let’s direct our attention to an application which controls computer’s music, movies, and photos at the tip of the hand. This is facilitated by an official Android app which has been released by XBMC.

The resultant functionality XBMC is a Windows/Mac/Linux desktop client which serves the controller for controlling the media (movies, music, photos, and television episodes). Therefore, this acts as a perfect replacement over using the third-party apps used by other consumers previously. In appearance, the XBMC Remote app is displayed like HTC-Sense that hands out the functions for the user. The individual can browse the entire library on the phone and also control playback utilizing an option known as slick remote.
XBMC remote app

The instructions below are directed only to set up the remote. Other problems, troubleshooting bugs cannot be cleared or solved through the procedure. The users are requested to contact the official XBMC Support Center for succeeding over the problems.

Steps to control your computer’s media using XBMC Android Remote:

  • Downloading the Official XBMC Remote:

At the beginning, you need to download the latest version from http://xbmc.org/download. This is the latest version of XBMC that is required to use the remote. Ensure that the app is installed on your Android phone. You can also download the official XBMC Remote from the QR code presented below:


  • Finding of the IP Address:

Now, on your desktop go to the Start button. Type “Cmd” and hit Enter button. After, the prompt is opened, type “ipconfig” and press enter. Later write down the numerical value related to the IP Address. However, the user must note that address will change upon when you reset Wi-Fi router from time to time. Thus, the user will need to repeat the same steps from time to time in such circumstances.

  • The process to set-up XBMC on desktop:

Firstly, launch the XBMC app. Thereafter, go to Settings & then Select Networks
At this point of time, the individual needs to make sure if the following things are enabled-

  1. Allow control of XBMC via UPnP
  2. Allow control of XBMC via HTTP
  3. Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC
  4. Then set port as “80″ and enter a username and password
  • Connecting the handset to the desktop:
  1. Initially, you should launch the XBMC Remote on the respective Android device.
  2. Hereafter, you enter the IP address.
  3. Subsequently, enter the information that was entered for XBMC desktop client (port, username, password). This has to match the information as presented before.
  4. You should get connected & the following screen must be resident on your device:XBMC options

Here, the individual can browse from the complete media. In cases where the user cannot see the media displayed on the handset, the individual must ensure that he/she has defined Music, Video, and other sources presented on the desktop application. In certain circumstances where the media files containing Movies, Music, Photos, or Television episodes don’t get recognized, it is the priority of the user to use File Mode for facilitating the same.File Mode

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