How many times has this happened to you? You are trying to stream a video on Youtube, and suddenly you receive a call or a message popup and the entire streamed video is lost. It really gets annoying when this happens. You see some cool video on YouTube and want to show it to your friends later, you have to rebuffer the entire video. Or sometimes when you Scroll ahead or behind in the video the buffer is lost and the YouTube app again starts buffering. A total waste of time and data isn’t?

Google’s YouTube app is good but a few shortcomings make it somewhat annoying to use, but neither can you stop using YouTube can you? How about downloading the video straight to your device! This will certainly solve all the problems described above with an added advantage that you can see the video at a latter time. However there is a small hitch in this idea. YouTube recently did some policy changes which made services like spool disfunction. Spool was one such service that enabled you to save the buffered video on your local storage (sd card).

Fear not my friends, here is another method using an non-market app called as TubeMate. This app allows you to download YouTube videos onto your phone. It is a minimalistic app which basically looks like ie the mobile site of YouTube. You can search for the video that you wish to download on the search bar. Then short list the video that you wish to download and press on the green download button which looks like a downward facing green arrow to start the download.


This app, by default, saves your videos to /sdcard/videos folder which can easily be changed to the folder of your choice by navigating to Settings > Preference > Download Folder. You can also tweak the download speed by navigating to Settings>Preference>Fast Download Tweaks and select a higher number of connections like 8 or 10.

You can download TubeMate by using this Download link or scan this QR code:


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