Everyone knows about CWM(ClockWorkMod recovery). It was the first custom recovery made available on such a wide range of devices. And many of you must know it synonymous with custom recoveries. It is a very stable and fully functioning recovery.


However, using a custom recovery like CWM can often be a painstaking task as you have to always use the volume rocker to navigate on the CWM menu. What if you had a choice to use touch input to use recovery. Wouldn’t that make life much easier and hassle-free. That’s what TeamWin promise you. TeamWin is a team of developers who have made the TeamWinRecoveryProject, better known as TWRP. TWRP is a custom recovery that supports complete touch interaction in recovery mode, a deviation to the customary volume rocker based control.

But what if you could run both these recoveries on your rooted android device? Wouldn’t it be a cracker! Owners of Xperia Ray(ST18i) are in luck as recently our friend at XDA, thomas1991_12 has ported the TWRP recovery and packaged it along with CWM hence allowing you to get a dual recovery on your device. However this dual recovery based kernel is available only for Xperia Ray(ST18i) running on CM10(jellybean 4.1.2).

Caution: Do not use this particular kernel unless you fulfill all the given requirements.



  1. Once you downloaded the kernel file and fulfilled other requirements, flash the kernel using this tutorial.
  2. Once you finished flashing the kernel power off the device.
  3. Now press the power button to start the booting process.
  4. To enter recovery:
    • TWRP: press power button when the LED shines.
    • CWM: press the power down button when the LED shines.
  5. Once in recovery flash the WiFi modules by selecting “install zip from sdcard”.
  6. Now you are successfully running dual recoveries on your device.

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