T-Mobile has finally presented its arrival with the dispatchments that surfaced up previously. Slowly and steadily, we will be looking forward to the T-Mobile iPhone 5. But, for some individuals they want this particular aspect before it’s been available for the masses. Thus this procedural facilitation will help the user in a great way to bring out this characterization on his/her iPhone. Jailbroken iPhone is a pre-requisite for employing this procedure. Additionally, the device will be either an unlocked variety mode or an AT&T model. If these respective constraints are met by the user, then the particular tweak can be facilitated on your iPhone 5.
iPhone 5

Follow the instructions to perform this operation.


  1. You will have to ensure that you have a Jailbroken iPhone 5 to perform this particular task. Once the jailbreaking has been completed, you need launch Cydia. This is to be done from iPhone’s home screen and specifically add this repository to Cydia. In order to perform this dedicated task, download the tweak from the repository present here. Subsequently, select “Manage”, go to “Sources” and later choose “Edit”. Thereafter, select “Next” and tap on “Add”.
  2. Later, you need to have patience till Cydia does the refreshing thing. Thereupon, search for “CommCenter”. Install the same and restart your iPhone.
  3. Next, re-launch Cydia. Now you have to install iFile.
  4. Hereafter search for iFile and after you find it, install that particular file. No need to restart your device performing these actions.
  5. Now, select this link from your device and select “Open in iFile.”
  6. After you enter this file, select “Unarchiver”. Next you can view various files named carrier.plist, carrier. pri, overrides_N41_N42.plist and overrides_N41_N42.pri. Choose “Edit” and then you should perfrom a selection of these files.
  7. Use the clipboard icon present at the bottom of the screen & now choose “Cut” from the displayable options. Later, simply tap on “Done”
  8. Select on the little house button which directs you to Home. Thereupon, select “Library”. Next, tap on “Carrier Bundle.bundle” and thereafter follow this operation by edit.
  9. Utilize the clipboard again. At this point of time, you will want to use the paste option.
  10. Thereafter, exit out of iFile and restart your iPhone.  This is the stage you are almost done.
  11. Next, go to the Settings app after you are connected to T-Mobile and turn on LTE. The process is complete. Enjoy!

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