All apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad mini are great devices with a smooth user experience. However one thing all apple users miss is customization of their device. However, Jailbreaking your device broadens your options. Many tweaks, MODs are available to tame these exceptional devices. Jailbreaking opens you doors to the world of customization of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Often you wish that you had some way to introduce some gestures and actions that will perform certain pre-defined functions. Wouldn’t it be great to perform some simple functions like taking a screenshot at the flick of a wrist! What if you could switch apps by just tapping 3 fingers on your screen. Yes, this may seem incredulous but nevertheless the truth. With the tweak called activator you can train your device to perform actions of your choice in response to gestures.


This is an aftermarket tweak that is available only via Cydia which is available only to Jailbroken devices. To install the tweak open Cydia go to search and type “Activator”. Once it’s loaded click on the install button on the top right corner. Once you install Activator it’s ready to be configured.(To jailbreak your iOS 6 device see here for MAC and here for Windows.)

Activator presents you with Four configurable categories:

Activator-main menu

  • Anywhere: This allows you to set universal gestures, these gestures will override all other defined gestures.
  • At Home Screen: These gestures will work when your device is on the home screen.
  • In Application(current running): These gestures will allow you to configure actions when an app is running.
  • At Lock Screen: Allows you to set custom gestures when in lock screen.


Once you enter any of these four categories you will be presented with a list of available gestures which are divided into home button presses, 3/4/5 finger taps, status bar ineractions, lock button presses, volume buttons and swipe on screen. You can choose the gesture of your choice and set any custom action from a list of available actions. You can either select a predefined system action like lock/unlock device, take screen shot, etc or launch an user or system application once you perform the gesture. 

Activator screenshot anywhere


The configuration of this app hardly takes up 5 minutes and it works flawlessly. It’s integration into the interface is so seamless that the actions are performed instantaneously after the gesture has been performed. It is a wonderful tweak available to all Jailbroken devices.

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