Often a situation rises where the particular individual can’t take a specific call. This can be due to several reasons. Either the person is busy in some situation or a circumstance where the phone battery is draining off and the user wants to keep track of the important calls he/she might get during that time. Therefore, a fantastic proportionality will be to direct such calls to another number so that the individual can easily facilitate the aspect of talking on the phone by simply forwarding the call even during some problematic instances. Thus, it serves as a benediction during critical situations where information to be conveyed matters a lot and time critical events can be easily handled. This facility is available on the iPhone and this can be utilized like child’s play. iPhone 5


  1. At the beginning, you need to go to Settings which is displayable on the home screen. Hereafter select Phone.Setting-Phone
  2. Thereupon after you enter the respective option, Select Call Forwarding option from the list and turn this ON. Move the slider and this turns to “ON”.Call forwarding option
  3. Subsequently type the specific phone number to which you want to forward the respective call to. This is saved automatically later
  4. Later, select back and come completely out of Settings. Now the incoming calls get directed to the selected forwarding number and this is continued for further use. You are notified by a small phone icon with an arrow present in the status bar when you functionalize such a facility on your device.
  5. This option is turned ON until the user turns it Off manually and thus that specific operation lets the calls come directly to your phone again.

To Change the call forwarding number:

  • Choose forward to option
  • Thereafter, put in the desired number you want to enable call forwarding to and eventually touch Call forwarding.

To Deactivate call forwarding:

  • Select the option of Call Forwarding again. Subsequential to this step, turn Off the selected option.

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