Every individual has run for his life jumping over obstacles, wading through challenges, jumping hurdles and collecting coins along the course of time. Of course everybody has played Temple Run! Moving fingers across touchscreen swiftly & fast enough was a common sight foreseen upon when every user played this amazing game.

As long as we are treated to new apps and games, the set of features provided along with each passing revelation continue an aggrandizing trend over the course of their launch. It is a general consensus that Temple Run was one of the most enjoyable, captivating and addictive game amongst the set of games dished out for the enthusiastic gamers lot. Slowly and steadily as Temple Run gathered success, popularity gained by the game is not comparable to any games similar to such specific game style.

Temple Screen 2 Screenshot

This magic game style has seen a continual trend in the newly released sequel to the existing one. This has hit the App store and expected to be a hit along the same lines as its previous version turned out to be. The best part of the game is keeping the hit formula consistent over the new disclosure. The notable changes that have been enforced include the graphics with sharper visuals doing the rounds in this current new revelation.Temple Run 2

However, when we boil down to the jist of the game’s functionality, the game completely remains the same. Hence, Imangi Studios hasn’t changed the danger filled action packed experience which was initially present in the first version of Temple Run. The hallmarks that are associated with the new version include the addition of certain power ups, zip lines, and a huge monkey, a mine cart as characterized by the App Store’s description. Therefore the attributed features enhance the overall graphics.Screenshot Temple Run 2

As expectantly the game is devised during the golden hour in a new temple i.e. floating in the sky. The notable upgrade is the set of animations and graphics which have been substantially improved and prove a striking change over its previous version. It is addictive as the previous version. Thus it is the same old game in a different environment.

It is a creditable aspect that the game isn’t changed or the game play isn’t sacrificed for implementing a plethora of changes. Thus, Imangi strikes out in simplicity and providing amusement to the users.

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