As the technological advancements surface up creating a storm with respect to the variety in phones that are brought up, it is an interesting phenomenon with the heterogeneity in the features & the other aspects. The notability using a Smartphone involves employing a particular Internet connection using the specific carrier. During such times, a speedy connection will serve as the intelligent factor in crucial emergency situations.

We have already had a glimpse of how we can monitor the data usage using this article, however how can one test the internet speeds of the respective connection is a question unanswered. In the process of vouching for a higher data plan, one must also know the speed that the Internet operates on. This is because merely working on a large capacity data plan with relatively low speeds isn’t a good sign of the effective utilization of the entire setup.speed-test-net

As long as we are provided with the diversification in various applications pertaining to different categories, an application that can serve for testing the internet speeds on the handset is a fruitful approach to have a detailed denotation of testing internet speeds.

The app interface has a strikingly similar resemblance to the parent site This is visible from the displayed attributes. There are certain beneficial aspects that surround the app’s functionality. It is helped by the calculation of latency, download rate, and upload rate. Hereafter, there is feasibility for changing in the settings section accordingly based on the speed rates measurement. Employed with the right stuff on the settings pane, there is also a oriented display of the external and internal IP.speedtest_net_mobile_speed_test_app

This particular application can carry out different operations as previously mentioned. The highly important utility that is serviced by the app includes that of finding the optimal server. This is made operational by simply tapping on the screen with a single touch. Additionally a manual objective of choosing a particular server is possible through the settings.

Subsequently after these actions are carried out, the individual needs to begin the test by the selection of “Begin Test” option. Once the accomplishment is completed, the results are saved to the results window. On an approximate scale, it takes about 11 seconds to complete the operation. There is automatic testing for the wireless internet if available. If the user wants to test the mobile’s data network, it is a must to disable wireless and go about the particular procedure.Results window

The particularized application is available for free and can be downloaded from the following links:

For Android: Download here

For iPhone: Download here 

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