Google’s Android Operating System has been a revelation for Smartphones and Tablets. It has many great features and functionalities. But there are some small shortcomings in this OS. One of them is the slow nature of the Dialer and the Contacts app. After tapping on the Contacts app, it take some seconds before the app starts. This is very annoying when an urgent call is to be made. To overcome this, the user can use the exDialer app. It is available on the Google Play Store for free.


exDialer is an extremely lightweight application (1.3 MB) which makes it faster than most of the dialer apps on the Google Play Store. In addition to this, it is very to use. exDialer’s contacts navigation system is same as that of the Stock Android dialer offering options for groups, favorites, and individual contacts, while keeping a handy “Show dial pad” button at the bottom of each screen. Another great feature is the row of letters at the screen’s right-hand side, which makes it easier for the users to search the contacts.


Some features of exDialer are :

  • Contacts list quick search
  • Additional search fields, nickname, postal address, organization, note
  • Contacts first alphabet quick scroll
  • Call logs group by contact
  • Speed dial
  • Swipe contact left/right to SMS/call
  • Various themes available

There are various plugins that are available with exDialer. The ConnectVibrate performs a vibrate notification when an outgoing call is connected or disconnected. Shortcut plugin helps to customize icons of exDialer by creating shortcut. Geocoder provides the location information of phone numbers.

Although exDialer is a wonderful app, there are some drawbacks that can be pointed out. The app exDialer automatically installs exContacts, an app that basically serves as a shortcut to exDialer’s built in contacts system. Another one is that the missed call notifications remain even after they have been looked upon. Rooted users can use “xMissedCall Patch” or “xMissedCall Plugin” to fix this problem.

Download exDialer from here.

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